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At Alsco, we’ve been providing professional textile rental services since 1889. Whatever your industry, Alsco helps you promote your image, cleanliness, hygiene, and safety in the workplace to your customers.

At Alsco, we know a few things about being first. We were the first to offer linen and uniform rental services when our founder, George A. Steiner, transformed a Lincoln, Nebraska, towel delivery route into a thriving commercial linen business, now headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. George purchased the route when he was just 15 years old and spent early mornings before school picking up soiled towels and delivering fresh, clean towels, carrying them all by hand. As the route grew, he enlisted his younger brother to help, and together they put a lot of sweat and tears into making Alsco what it is today.

Alsco has been an industry pioneer since 1889. Our company is responsible for creating and shaping many of the industry standards everyone follows. We blazed the trail for the laundering and delivery of ready-to-wear uniforms, starting with aprons and then moving on to every type of workwear application imaginable. We also invented the continuous roll towel dispenser and pioneered the use of on-site garment lockers.

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Autoliv Inc

Autoliv is the world’s largest automotive safety supplier, with sales to all major car manufacturers in the world. More than 65,000 associates in 27 countries are passionate about our vision of Saving More Lives.

Saving More Lives

Autoliv’s vision of Saving More Lives guides our daily work. Life can change in a fraction of a second – and we have developed automotive safety systems with that moment in mind for over six decades. Each year, our products save more than 30,000 lives, products that must operate perfectly in milliseconds.


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Certified Provider
Empowering People with Chronic Conditions to Live Better and Healthier Lives
We use smart, connected devices, personalized digital guidance, and 24x7x365 access to health professionals to make it easier for people with chronic conditions to stay healthier.

At the heart of Livongo’s Applied Health Signal solution is a core set of technologies and capabilities called AI+AI: Aggregate, Interpret, Apply and Iterate. These are the four pillars of the Applied Health Signals engine. (Only companies who deliver excellence on all 4 pillars are truly AHS companies.)

Today Livongo joins dozens of data sets together and combines them with the signals from our own Livongo devices, coaches, and web assets, to extract the drivers of behavior change. We then deliver actionable, personalized and timely recommendations through a broad set of applications to our members. All this is done in AI+AI.

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Certified Provider

The transition to preventive care will help people live happier, healthier lives and lower the cost of healthcare for everyone.

Key to this is both better information served at the right time and better access to care, especially in vulnerable populations. This is the foundation for what we do at Verily. All of our work is designed to both perpetuate a stronger, better feedback loop, supporting learning health systems where interventions and care continuously improve based on better data, and to improve accessibility to both research and care.

We believe that change in healthcare must happen from the inside. So we’re forging deep collaborations across the entire healthcare ecosystem, from academic research institutions to life sciences companies to hospitals and health systems.

Meaningful impact on human health happens only by joining forces with like-minded industry experts. Our partnerships create solutions that can significantly impact health outcomes at scale. We put significant investment in both basic science and big public health initiatives. And we’re working relentlessly to identify and develop the next wave of healthcare innovation.

Let’s discuss how we can bring your ideas to life. We welcome the possibility of working with you.