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Empowering People with Chronic Conditions to Live Better and Healthier Lives
We use smart, connected devices, personalized digital guidance, and 24x7x365 access to health professionals to make it easier for people with chronic conditions to stay healthier.

At the heart of Livongo’s Applied Health Signal solution is a core set of technologies and capabilities called AI+AI: Aggregate, Interpret, Apply and Iterate. These are the four pillars of the Applied Health Signals engine. (Only companies who deliver excellence on all 4 pillars are truly AHS companies.)

Today Livongo joins dozens of data sets together and combines them with the signals from our own Livongo devices, coaches, and web assets, to extract the drivers of behavior change. We then deliver actionable, personalized and timely recommendations through a broad set of applications to our members. All this is done in AI+AI.

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